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Cities  Name Email Studies
Edinburgh Ruth Medical Biomagnetism with Isaac Goiz, level 2 and Advanced Biomagnetic Pair with David Goiz. Biomagnetics with Raymond Caldwell. Bioneuroemocion with Enric Corbera. Biodecoding. Naturopathy. Shamanic energy healing. Reiki. Massage.
Lymington LISA Certified by Dr Isaac Goiz-Duran
Okehampton Tim Biomagnetismo nivel 1 y 2 con Dr Isaac Goiz, Spinal Touch Therapy, New Germanic Medicine
Okehampton, Devon Tim Biomagnetism and bioenergic therapies levels 1 and 2 with Dr Isaac Goiz 2006 -2008
Three Bridges Ronald Ernesto Biomagnetismo y Bioenergía